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Plan Write® for Hi-Tech Marketing


MBA Level Analysis and Report

Plan Write for Hi-Tech Marketing won't disappoint you with simple Yes or No questions that, in the end, result in a canned response of what you already know. As you are posed with the questions, along with detailed rationale, you will learn what the experts consider to be the essential criteria for success.

The report is built dynamically based on your answers that have been analyzed by the internal expert system. Plus, it is interactive, allowing you to understand how conclusions were made and what you can do to effect a positive change.

The analysis is reported in three unique ways.

  1. A written analysis provides an overview of seven key areas of your business. The text is hyper-linked allowing you to see how your answers were used by the expert system to create the report.
  2. Numerous observations are made as a result of many interrelated factors. Below the written observation are the top-level factors with the ability to "drill down" varying layers of observations learning how they affect each other.
  3. Over 35 charts with explanations of their relevance and impact on your business are included. The plotted points are hyper-linked to the answers that resulted in their position and size.

The written analysis evaluates these areas: The Environment, The Market, Market Characteristics, Competition, Product, Pricing, and Promotion.

Marketing Plan Software
Marketing Plan Software
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