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Plan Write® for Hi-Tech Marketing


MBA Level Analysis and Report
Plan Write for Hi-Tech Marketing is not a rudimentary question and response program. Each well-thought-out question is weighed against numerous factors in order to generate a report that is customized to your business. You could pay thousands of dollars elsewhere for this level of analysis.

Comprehensive Marketing Guide
One of the most serious problems facing software marketers is the lack of a single comprehensive marketing guide. Plan Write for Hi-Tech Marketing overcomes this problem by examining every aspect of the high technology marketing process from collateral to trade shows. Each aspect is fully explained and includes checklists, milestones, example objectives and sample budgets.

Integrated Suite of Planning Tools
Plan Write for Hi-Tech Marketing incorporates all the tools you need to write a complete marketing plan. You can focus on your marketing strategy without the effort of bringing all of the components together.

Includes Detailed Budget Estimates
Detailed sales and marketing expenses and sales revenue projections are integrated making your marketing plan complete. Plus, color 3D charts are automatically generated to give your plan the impact it needs.

Support Your Marketing Plan with Strategic Positioning Charts
Color charts are very effective at demonstrating your strengths and weaknesses. They provide a bird's-eye-view of your position as well as your competitors. The built-in advisor automatically generates these charts for you.

Marketing Plan Software
Marketing Plan Software
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