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Plan Write® for Hi-Tech Marketing


Maximize Your Marketing Potential

Some product or service ideas seem great on the surface but may have little chance to be profitable. Plan Write for Hi-Tech Marketing can save you a lot of time and money or can assure you that your idea has great potential. Why take a chance on a poorly conceived idea or hold back on a moneymaking idea.

After one hour of answering key marketing questions you will receive an overview of your long-term success potential. You can easily drill down into the analysis to see your strengths and weaknesses.

In the analysis below, the Plan Write Advisor gives a very favorable rating to the prospects for long-term success of this business. The major factors evaluated include the industry conditions (the prospects, the competition, and the environment), the sales potential of the product being offered, the ability to convey the benefits of the product (advertising), and the overall capabilities this company has to enter the market. The conclusions formed for each of these factors is based on many additional factors considered. Plan Write allows you to drill down to examine these underlying factors; to identify strengths and weaknesses in the business.

Marketing Plan Software
Marketing Plan Software
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